About Jake

article-2532817-1A62C92E00000578-94_634x423This page is going to be made up of the stuff you guys want to know about me. I’ll kick it off with some basic stuff and then I’ll add questions and answers when you send them in. You can ask me whatever you like on the contact page.

So Who Are You Anyway?

A good place to start! My name is Jake and I am a young bodybuilder from the USA.

How long have you been training?

I started training in on June 15th 2011 so I’m pretty into it now. I really like the progress I am making and I love to train so watch this space. I train every day, even on the weekends!

What Is Your Favorite Muscle Group?

My back. What is yours?

Who or what got you interested in working out or doing weights and bodybuilding?

My dad. He  got me started and he teaches me everything I need. I’d be nothing without him.

Who is your role model/s?

Richard Sandrak. He’s awesome!

What’s your training routine?

Monday: Chest & Triceps
Tuesday: Back & Biceps
Wednesday: Shoulders
Thursday: Chest & Arms
Friday: Back & Legs
Saturday: Legs & Shoulders
Sunday: Calves & Back


If you want to know more than is on this page then ask me on the contact page.